The Guardians of the Galaxy filmmaker will handle DC Comics’ future


James Gunn, the writer/director who revived The Suicide Squad, and made Guardians of the Galaxy a household brand for Marvel, will soon take over the responsibility for the future of Batman and Superman for Warner Bros. Discovery. Tuesday saw the new-formed DC Studios be co-chaired by veteran executive Peter Safran and studio named Gunn.

Gunn and Safran will be working together to develop a long-term strategy for DC Comics properties in animation, film, and television. The studio also stated that both will continue to direct, produce and develop individual projects.

Gunn and Safran wrote that they were honored to serve as stewards for DC characters they have loved since childhood. Our commitment to Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and all the DC characters is equalled only by our dedication to the wonder of human potential these characters represent. As we tell some the most grand, beautiful, and profound stories ever told, we are excited to revitalize the theatrical experience all over the globe.

Safran produced many films for Warner Bros. & New Line Cinema, including Gunn’s The Suicide Squad as well as Aquaman and Shazam and horror films from the universe of The Conjuring.

Beginning November 1, Gunn, Safran and David Zaslav will report directly to Zaslav, Warner Bros’ president and CEO. Discovery, who in a statement, praised their “unique and complementary talents”.

Zaslav said, “Their decades-long experience in filmmaking, close connections to the creative community and proven track record of thrilling superhero fans all over the world makes them uniquely qualified for developing a long term strategy across film TV and animation and taking this iconic franchise to a new level of creative storytelling.”

Walter Hamada, who was the head of DC Films for the past four years has officially left the studio just before Black Adam’s theatrical release. Zaslav had promised a “reset”, which would allow DC’s operations to be restructured to look more Marvel-like over the next 10 years. This will also improve quality and bring in a central creative executive similar to Marvel’s Kevin Feige. On Tuesday, Hollywood was surprised when two people were chosen instead.

DC films have multiple threads, unlike Marvel. There is Todd Phillips’ Joker sequel, Matt Reeves’ The Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman films.

Gunn is a rare filmmaker because he is involved in projects with both major superhero powerhouses. He is currently wrapping up his Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy in May. A ‘Guardians Holiday Special’ on Disney+ will be available in November. The trailer was revealed shortly before the DC announcement.

Pam Abdy and Mike De Luca, the co-chairpersons of Warner Bros. Film Group, stated in a joint statement that it was a “literal dream come true” to have them work together to create a new era for DC. All of us share a similar passion for the universe and our stars could not have been more aligned.