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The singing reality show on Sony TV, Super Star Singer 2022 is scheduled to launch the new season (SSS 2) after the auditions, registrations for Super Star Singer season 2 has already closed.

Superstar Singer 2 is a Sony Tv Drama Serial
Superstar Singer 2 is a Sony Tv Drama Serial

Superstar Singer season 2022 will be produced by Gautam Mrinal. It will showcase talent from all over the nation.

The release date for Superstar Singer 2 is 23rd April 2022.

Aditya Narayan will be hosting Superstar Singer 2 for the second season. TV show Superstar Singer 2.

The judges for Superstar Singer’s 2nd season likely to be exactly identical to season one of Superstar Singer i.e. Himesh Reshammiya Alka Yagnik as well as Javed Ali.

The captains, mentors and mentors for the upcoming SSS2 season are Salman Ali Pawandeep Rajan Arunita Kanjilal Sayli Kamble as well as Mohammad Danish.

Super Star Singer season 2 audition registrations are already done for Age Group of 2-15 years.

In this article, we’re providing information on the complete team and cast, the auditions, voting for elimination, list of contestants with pictures, and written updates on Superstar season 2 (2022). Superstar Season two (2022) program.

Superstar Singer Season 2 show Concept Elimination and Voting

Superstar Singer 2 is back with a fun storyline and the top singers from all over the world.

The show will have an array of contestants in the age range of 2 to 15 years old. The registration process online for auditions has begun.

Superstar Singer Season 2 contestants can sign up to the SonyLiv application by filling out the application form and uploading a the 3-minute video of their performance, all from their safe home.

The final decision will be determined by the scores of judges and the public vote that can be voted via the Sonyliv application.

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Superstar Singer 2 TRP Ratings

Sony TV is very well famous for its reality programs and they’re consistently popular on the TRP charts.

Superstar Singer 2 is also anticipated to earn TRP points that are high, which will give an increase for this Sony TV channel’s overall falling TRPs.

Let’s take a look at how Superstar Singer 2 will perform in the next shows of the reality series.

Superstar Singer 2: Alka Yagnik calls Kishore Kumar a ‘energy-rich powerhouse when she recalls working with Kishore Kumar.
Alka Yagnik recalls working with Kishore Kumar on a variety of performances and songs for Superstar Singer 2. Superstar Singer 2.

With its amazing display of India’s emerging talents in singing, the youngsters sing reality television program Superstar Singer 2 has captivated the viewers. Through their amazing singing and their amazing performances, they a.k.a the “Best Bache Ever’ are continuing to amaze their judges as well as special guest each week. The new episode is expected to take viewers to a musical rollercoaster ride as the show is set to honor the music legend Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar. The show will air a “Non-stop Kishore Kumar special episode on Sunday, which also happens to be Kishore Da’s birthday. In celebration of the legend with lots of entertainment, contestants, captains, as well as judges will give an amazing performance of some of the greatest songs by B-town’s legendary playback artist, KishoreDa.

Superstar Singer 2contestants Pratyush Anand and Rohan Das will deliver an amazing performance when they perform Kishore Kumar’s classic songs ‘Paisa Ye Paysa and ‘Jai Shivshankar’. Their electrifying performance will light up the stage and leave everyone awestruck by their’masaledar’ style performance because they captured the emotion very well. Rohan as well as Pratyush’s show is sure to lead Judge Alka Yagnik on an excursion down timeline of her career when she worked with famous Kishore Da.

An exuberant Alka Yagnik shared, “I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate together with Kishore da. I’ve performed in a variety of performances on stage and recorded a few songs, including ‘Tumse Badhkar Duniya my’ and ‘Teri Kahani’ and a few of the best-loved songs by Laxmikant Pyarelal. However, I must admit that I’ve enjoyed a lot singing along with him when we would laugh loudly. I would laugh so hard that it hurt my throat, and I would ask that he stop making us laugh. Kishore Kumar was a potent source of energy, with lots of romance and masti within his voice. I believe that Kishore Kumar was a multi-dimensional character since there was no single thing Kishore Kumar could not accomplish. From acting, singing to comedy and direction, he was flawless in every role he took on. He was a god-soul because the impression his songs made on the generations he influenced is extremely rare.”

The singers praised Rohan as well as Pratyush, Alka added, “Rohan and Pratyush did a fantastic job singing. They sang and performed perfectly. If Kishore da had been there, he would have been extremely happy, or perhaps they would have gotten him to join you everyone on stage and have danced along with you all. I am very pleased with your performance. It was an entertaining and full-on show.”

The adorable duo Pratyush and Rohan prior to their performance, revealed that they went to the late Kishore Kumar’s house to ask for blessings, as they were ready to perform one of his most famous songs.

You can watch the ‘Non-stop Kishore Kumar’ broadcast on Superstar Singer 2 this Sunday at 8PM through Sony Entertainment Television.

Superstar Singer 2 Contestants, Winner, Timings, Captains, Judges, Wiki & More

Superstar Singer 2 Plot/Story:

Super Star Singer 2 is the name of a new show by Sony TV which is the sequel to Superstar Singer. Children aged 7 to 15 years old will be performing their talents on the show. Javed Ali Alka Yagnik and Himesh Reshammiya are acting as judges on the show. Aditya Narayan will serve as host of the show.

The auditions for the show took place in various cities in India during Jan. of which 15 contestants were selected. The show features Pawandeep Rajan Arunita Kanjilal Sayli Kamble Mohammad Danish, and Salman Ali as captains.

There are 3 contestants who are under each of the five captains, and they will be performing on the show after receiving lessons in singing from captains. The judges will decide to decide if they want to remove or leave the show. The show on television Superstar Singer will be telecast every Saturday and Sunday starting 23rd April, at 8 pm on Sony TV