NZ radio personality exposes dad’s shocking prognosis


Coast radio host Sam Wallace claims that Barry wouldn’t have been able to meet his grandchildren if it wasn’t for a prostate exam.

Wallace married Sarah Bowman, his long-time partner, earlier this year. He is the father of Brando, a 3-year-old boy, and Cosette, a 20-month-old girl.

Barry, now in his 70s was diagnosed with prostate carcinoma “three or four year ago”, he recalls. As father and son sit down for the Herald, Barry speaks.

Barry saw a doctor after realizing he was having problems passing urine. “I had to have the digit test, and it was really alarming.”

A PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test was performed and followed by a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis of aggressive prostate carcinoma.

Wallace recalls that his father’s news was not great.

“Me and my dad have done everything together. We have always been best friends, and we’ve ridden dirt bikes together as well as quad bikes. The good news is that even though it was a very aggressive form of cancer, it was caught early.

Barry was able to avoid chemotherapy. Barry had his prostate removed and was then put on inhibitors to control the cancer.

He underwent radiotherapy a year and a quarter later after some cancer had spread to his hip. He is now in remission. The treatment is still very difficult.

Barry was able to meet his grandchildren thanks to a life-saving procedure. Photo / Supplied

Wallace jokes, “He’s an older bastard,” before sharing that Barry encouraged him to get checked out too.

The radio host said, “He pointed out that I am also an older bastard now turning 41,”

Wallace discovered that prostate cancer is twice as likely in those who have had it in their family. Although it is a small percentage, around 4000 Kiwi men are still diagnosed each year with prostate cancer.

Wallace states, “If you have a higher chance of being successful, you should do all you can to avoid that group.”

“It would be foolish for someone with a family history of prostate carcinoma to not take action about it.”

“So there was my finger. There was also the PSA test and a camera crew. That is the story of the rest of my life!”

Wallace posted the video of his prostate check-up on his Instagram page, in hopes that it would inspire other men to get checked.

It’s not an event. It’s not a surprise when you go in, but it’s still annoying.

Barry says it was that “non-event”, which saved his life. It is the reason he can spend so much time with his grandchildren.

Wallace states that dad would have missed all three of my children, and adds that Barry “wouldn’t believe” that Sarah and he would be parents to twins.

He would not have known that I had twins. Sienna runs up to him, and he gives her a hug. These moments are so important that it’s hard to explain.

Barry concurs, “I don’t want to miss that, it’s so important.”

“One of the most common questions is: “What do you want for your Birthday?” “Another birthday” is the common answer.

Wallace had a “full-man check-up”, which also showed that his cholesterol and blood pressure were high. He is now on a complete over-40s health plan.

“I am really changing my diet and the amount of alcohol I drink. After having the girls and getting my health checked, I will do everything I can to make sure they are happy. I do not want to miss a moment with my children.