Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho Serial Cast, Story, Actress, Actor, Wiki

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho is an Indian drama series produced by Pia Bajpayee and Shaika Parween under the banner of Satori Media. It premiered on June 1, 2022 on color television in India. It stars Tanvi Malhara and Kanwa Jaisingh in lead roles.

The show revolves around Katha Rawat (Tanvi Malhara), Kabir Shekhawat (Kunal JaiSingh) and Yuvraj Shekhawat (Abhishek Malik)

Katha lives in Nainital with her mother (Uma Rawat) and sister (Manyata Rawat), who works for an NGO, and Kabir lives with his family in Udaipur.

Katha falls in love with Rahul, but he betrays her. Later, Katha finds out that she is pregnant with Rahul’s child. Meanwhile, Kabir also comes to Nainital, sees Katha and falls in love with her. Uma learns of Kath’s pregnancy and orders her to abort her child. Katha disobeys and decides to keep the child, Uma thinks about slander in the future so she decides to commit suicide but Kabir saves her. Completely heartbroken, Uma tells Kabir everything about her daughter and asks him to realize that the path she has chosen is full of gossip and thorns, but Kabir makes Uma realize that it is not her daughter’s fault, but the guy is the one in charge. her daughter is right next to her and is inspired by her bravery and determination.

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho is a Color Tv Drama
Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho is a Color Tv Drama

He was stunned when the girl turned out to be none other than Katha.
Kabir proposes Katha for marriage, Katha initially refuses but later agrees with the persuasion of her mother and sister. Rahul is later revealed to be none other than Kabir’s younger brother Yuvraj. Katha and her family arrive in Udaipur from Nainital for her and Kabir’s wedding. In Udaipur, Katha is given a grand welcome by the Shekawath family. Yuvraj is shocked to see Katha as his future sister-in-law. Kabir and Katha get married, despite Yuvraj’s various plans to stop the wedding. After the wedding, Katha sees Yuvraj and is shocked to learn that Yuvraj is the one who cheated her in Nainital. She gets in a dilemma whether to tell Yuvraj’s secret to the family or not as she doesn’t want Kabir and the family to know about Yuvraj whom they all love very deeply.

Katha is an optimistic young girl from Nainital who works in an NGO for women. Her life takes an unexpected turn when, instead of resigning herself to society’s stereotypes, she decides to raise her child alone. Kabir, a suave businessman from Udaipur who is destined to cross paths with Kathy, charmed by her personality and resilience, falls in love with Kathy and convinces her to marry him. The serial features debutant Tanvi Malhar as the female lead Katha, while actor Kunal Jaisingh essays the role of Kabir. Abhishek Malik plays the character of Katha’s friend Rahul. Apart from these three lead actors, the show has a stellar star cast including Moon Banerjee, Hiten Paintal,

Deepali Pansare, Pratichi Mishra and Neha Narang.

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho on TV Color Details

  • Serial Name Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho
  • serial name in hindi मुरसुंतय की मुरकु टुम हो
  • Genre Romance/Drama
  • Release date (start) June 1, 2022
  • End date TBA
  • The telecast days are Monday to Friday
  • Broadcast time at 20:30
  • Duration 21-24 minutes
  • Color TV channel
  • Voot OTT platform
  • Language(s) Hindi
  • Production House ,Cockcrow and Shaika Productions
  • Produced by Rajesh Ram Singh
  • Pradeep Kumar

Good points in the series

All the actors made a huge effort to portray their characters exactly as the writers envisioned. Tanvi Malhara is a good find. Her dialogue delivery and innocence while essaying the role are particularly excellent. Kunal Jai Singh also nailed his role as the flamboyant, practical and dapper Kabir. The show has a simple and subtle story, but deals with a difficult issue that is still relevant today in many ways.
Bad points in the series

This new drama is nothing new. When we saw the first promo showing a pregnant Katha, it raised questions in the company. Similarly, we saw Colors show Choti Sarrdaarni’s Meher (Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia) standing up for her rights and the rights of her unborn child in the first promo and poster of the show. The show seems to be inspired by Choti Sarrdaarni. Well, only time will tell if this is true or not?
From the first few episodes, we feel that the masala and drama quotient will only increase with time and this show will do well, hopefully. We give Muskurane Ki Wajah Tum Ho 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Main characters and their roles

  • Katha
  • Tanvi Malhara
  • Peehu Verma
  • Dhwani Hetal Parmar
  • Bhushan
  • Yogeshraj Bedi
  • Yuvraj Singh Shekhawat
  • Abhishek Malik
  • Devraj Shekhawat
  • Rishikesh Ingley
  • Deepa Shekhawat
  • Milan Singh
  • Jyoti Verma
  • Pallavi Singh
  • Katha Kabir Singh Shekhawat
  • Tanvi Malhara
  • Tony
  • Shubh Karan
  • Manju Shekhawat
  • Deepali Pansare
  • Neelam Shekhawat
  • Ambika Soni
  • Bhavri Shekhawat
  • Dipali Kamath
  • Kunwar Kabir Singh Shekhawat
  • Kunal Jaisingh
  • Yash
  • Hiten Paintal
  • Ravi
  • Pankh Thakur
  • Uma Rawat
  • Banerjee month
  • Neeti Rawat
  • Sejal Kamwani
  • Manyata Rawat
  • Alisha Parveen
  • Savitri Shekhawat
  • Pratichi Mishra
  • Shabnam Khan
  • Akanksha Saini
  • Kishore
  • Jignesh Joshi
  • Neha Narang
  • Aryan
  • Raanav Sharma

The series is produced under the banner of Cockcrow and Shaika Entertainment by producers Rajesh Ram Singh and Pradeep Kumar.

MKWTH will go on air at 8:30 PM while Swaran Ghar will undergo a time slot change.

Chhoti Sardaarni is likely to go on air in mid-June, which means MKWTH can be expected to be on air by then.
The star cast of the series has been finalized and includes Tanvi Malhar, Aalisha Parveen, Neha Narang, Kunal Jai Singh and Abhishek Malik.
A promo for the series has been released.